New-Watson Door's

Acting cooperation


Joining Conditions

1.There is a stable working environment with a valid business license, Tax Registration Certificate and other relevant qualification certificates.

2. No other business or agency has products that can compete with ours.

3. We understand well enough the dynamics of the industry and the local market's status quo.

4. We possess a very certain sales ability.

5. We have the ability to install and service our company's products.

6. We have a good spirit of cooperation, expand the market and issue more benefits.

Joining Process

1. The company's resources are combined with the situation of the local market to carry out an in depth investigation.

2. Following a customer's request, the company shall investigate the basic situation of the city from where the customer is joining, the business district and location of the customer's store.

3. The customer's company's headquarters will be visited for a detailed investigation.

4. We will engage in detailed communication with relevant investors, understand contract terms and conditions and sign a cooperation agreement.

5. After signing the agreement, the investor pays an operating deposit so as to carry out the relevant procedures or formality.

6. Agents will begin decorating according to company's design plans, and with the help of the company, prepare to begin operations.

7. The head office will provide all the necessary qualification information and medals.

8. When into the normal sales operation stage, the company will promote the products in the market, sell the products, manage the stores and provide。 management information.



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