Release date:2018/8/3

Double or single?

Deciding between a single door and a double door is the first step. This will depend on two things:

1. The type of look you want to achieve with the entrance

2. How much space you have.

If your home is moreof a mansion than house, then a double-door design can be quite fitting, complementing the luxurious look you’re going for. And don’t think that double doors are only meant for modern- or classic designs – even the country and rustic styles, for example, can flaunt a double door made out of heavy wood or stone.

On the other hand, if your entrance is a bit narrow, then a single door can be an ideal option. Remember that you can always pimp up a door’s design in terms of sidelights, glass finishes, the type of doorknob/handle you’re adding, potted plants framing the entrance, etc.

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