Release date:2018/8/3

Wooden Doors
Wooden doors (and windows) offer warmth and beauty, yet require attention and care. If treated correctly, wood will last for many years, which means it’s very important to ensure that your wooden windows and doors are sealed with the correct product, in the correct manner, before installation.
Advantages of wood
·         Wooden doors and windows can be customised.
·         Wood has good natural insulation properties.
·         Wooden doors and windows are energy efficient.
·         Wooden doors and windows come in a variety of finishes.
·         Wood is stylish.
Disadvantages of wood:
·         Wooden doors and windows require regular maintenance.
·         Wood is more expensive than aluminium after glazing and painting or varnishing.
When installed correctly, aluminium doors and windows will meet all your environmental regulations. Heat loss can be kept to a minimum with the correct glazing choice.  
Advantages of aluminium:
·         Aluminium is currently the most cost-effective option in Africa.
·         Aluminium doors and windows are customisable – particularly for unusual openings.
·         Aluminium is available in an endless variety of custom colours.
·         Aluminium doors are easy to install.
·         Aluminium is virtually maintenance free.
·         Aluminium windows and doors have a modern, streamlined design.
·         Aluminium will not rust.
Disadvantages of aluminium:
·         Aluminium insulation properties are dependent on glazing selected.
Although a popular option in Europe for many years, PVC (plasticised polyvinyl chloride) is relatively new to the African building industry. Currently, painted PVC windows and doors are expensive in Africa, yet if you are picking white, it will be very competitive compared to options like wood and aluminium.
Advantages of PVC:
·         PVC has excellent insulation properties resulting in high energy efficiency.
·         PVC doors come in many attractive designs.
·         PVC doors carry long warranties.
·         PVC doors offer a tilt-and-turn option.
·         PVC is maintenance free.
·         PVC extrusions can be recycled.
Disadvantages of PVC:
·         At the moment, PVC windows and doors are seen to be more expensive than wood and aluminium in Africa.
·         Painting of PVC door frames significantly increases the price. For this reason, customers are limited to white if they choose PVC.
·         There are size limitations to PVC doors.

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