Release date:2018/8/3

Your door’s hardware should be a big priority. First, measure your door’s thickness and always try to look for a deadbolt to increase your door’s sturdiness. For this, we firmly recommend you make use of a professional in the field.
Of course for optimum safety, your front door should ideally be made of solid wood or, at the very least, have a solid-wood core. Other good options are fibreglass or metal and steel. If you choose a metal door, make sure that it has interior reinforcement and a lock block to prevent some from bending it open. Although they require more maintenance than other doors, reinforced steel doors are one of the most secure options available on the market today.
Windows on doors are great for getting a bit of natural light in and look beautiful as well, but they’re also a big risk when it comes to home security. If, however, a little glass design is a must-have for your front door, choose reinforced glass and add decorative bars or metal support.
Keep in mind that the frame and doorjamb are two elements that are vital to door security. A weak door frame or jamb can easily be broken with physical force, and your door will be wide open in a few seconds. Instead of just a door jamb or a thin, flimsy strike plate, install a deeper box strike. Your doorjamb can also be reinforced with galvanized steel for maximum protection, making it impossible for anyone to break the door open with pure physical force.

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